About our Team

Scott Penman founded The Penman Group Government Solutions and C2C Association Management Solutions through a strategic partnership with C2C's co-founder and owner, Jill Hancock.

This partnership allows the two firms to maximize one-another’s client affairs with greater staff capacity, a shared location, and a more comprehensive array of skills and expertise. Scott and Jill serve as founders & partners of their respective firms, maintaining their ability to operate independently, but sharing various aspects of executive office management.

Scott Penman and Kaycee Nail are key members of The Penman Group, dedicating their time primarily to government affairs. Jill Hancock and Sharon Schreiber primarily act in their role as members of C2C, while also providing a critical support and expertise to specific aspects of The Penman Group’s government affairs. 

Also key to our clients' success is our ability to build a team of strategic allies in the Capitol.


Founder & Managing Partner

In his 25 years in the Capitol, Scott Penman has earned a trusted reputation as a key player in Missouri politics. Known for successfully managing complicated policy issues and maintaining relationships on both sides of the aisle, Scott provides clients critical insight into Missouri policymaking, coupled with integrity and honesty at every step.

Scott's experience has afforded him expertise on a wide array of policy issues from decades of meaningful partnerships. During his tenure in policy work Scott’s leadership has ranged from coordinating teams of lobbyists on mutual issues over multiple firms, to being the solo antagonist opposing and negotiating legislation.

His recent work awarded Scott recognition for “the best lobbying on a single bill” in The Missouri Scout (2018).

Scott oversees all aspects of The Penman Group's legislative and policy affairs. His time in the Missouri Capitol is reserved primarily for strategic client representation, engaging with policymakers through one-on-one meetings, testifying before legislative committees, and forging critical relationships.

When he’s not managing The Penman Group, Scott is likely traveling to one of his favorite fly fishing spots or taking his family on a camping trip in Colorado.



Kaycee has three years of experience in the Missouri Capitol. During that time, she has excelled in every aspect of the process, working closely with clients to execute policy action plans and craft legislation.

Kaycee has earned a reputation as a dedicated hard worker who clients can truly depend on for insight and support. When she’s not working with clients, Kaycee focuses on innovative ways to reach state elected officials on their issues through evidence-based research, strategic messaging development, and close communication with legislators and their staff.

Kaycee was recently recognized by her peers in The Missouri Times “30 Under 30: Leaders of Tomorrow, Class of 2018.”

Her passion for improving the lives of Missourians through lasting policy solutions stems from her background in non-profit programming. When taking a break from government affairs, you’ll probably find Kaycee on a road trip with her Corgi “Shakespeare,” or hanging out at Shakespeare’s Pizza in downtown Columbia. (Yes, she loves Shakespeare’s so much she named her dog after it).




Jill serves a critical role in government affairs at The Penman Group while also managing our our affiliate association management firm, C2C Association Management Solutions. Nationally recognized for her work, in 2016 Jill was named Outstanding State Executive Director for her leadership on behalf of the Missouri Society of Eye Physicians & Surgeons by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.  

At The Penman Group, Jill maximizes clients’ state affairs by connecting them with national associations - which provides access to leading experts with their same mission and critical financial resources to support lobbying efforts. Jill also manages administrative client relations and political giving; provides general executive management alongside Scott; and oversees client advocacy and lobbying day planning.



Sharon Schreiber joined The Penman Group after a career of public service to the state of Missouri. At The Penman Group, Sharon provides administrative support to clients, including scheduling appointments with elected officials and organizing advocacy events, as well as  supports all aspects of our office functions.

Her public service roots provide our clients and their mission the benefit of a familiar and trusted partner in Missouri politics.



There are times a client or a specific issue requires the combined efforts of multiple lobbyists and firms. The decision to engage additional support depends on the breadth or complexity each issue presents, and occasionally, it is also necessary to engage allies based on their unique relationships with certain elected officials. The Penman Group expands our team through close-working relationships with trusted firms with proven track records.