Scott brings a proven track record of policy outcomes to The Penman Group, and in their three years as a team, Scott and Kaycee have capitalized on that foundation for their clients - achieving what other lobbyists regarded as unattainable. The results speak for themselves.

A few of our team's recent achievements for clients: 


HB 1456 (2018)

In 2018, members of The Penman Group led the effort to pass 911 modernization and improvements, with a legislative roadmap and funding mechanism for the state system. The bill included collection of 911 funding from cell phones, and the issue’s history spanned 20 years in the legislature. Deemed impossible to pass in Missouri, and following numerous changes in leadership, three 911 Associations partnered with Scott and Kaycee to lead a multi-year strategy to get the legislation across the finish line.   

They proved their ability to successfully navigate a complicated policy issue in an even more complicated political arena. Supported by leaders across aisles and chambers, it passed by a vote of 115 to 21 in the House and 26 to 6 in the Senate. Its passage awarded Scott recognition for “the best lobbying on a a single bill” in Missouri Scout (2018).

Every year one group or another said the bill would never pass. Scott’s dedication to this essential public safety issue and his ability to work with bill sponsors and other legislators was instrumental in getting the bill passed
— R. Keith Faddis, Retired Public Safety Program Director, Mid-America Regional Council


HB 2280 (2018)

In 2018, and in one of Missouri’s most conservative legislatures, members of The Penman Group partnered with the March of Dimes to improve services for families impacted by the opioid crisis.Their success will result in nearly in 1,500 mothers on Medicaid receiving extended access to substance use disorder treatment and mental health services. When mothers would otherwise lose services 60 days after birth, this policy allows them support to manage their addiction and maintain permanency in their families.

Scott & Kaycee coordinated lobbying efforts for healthcare providers, hospital systems, professional associations, and non-profit organizations to lead the policy initiative. They successfully navigated the budget to secure state and federal funding, and garnered bi-partisan sponsorship with two republicans and two democrats. HB 2280 passed the General Assembly by nearly unanimous votes of 133 to 6 in the House and 32 to 1 in the Senate.


SB 62 (2017)

In 2017 members of The Penman Group secured $8 million new dollars in funding for the County Employee Retirement Fund (CERF). CERF helps fund retirement for nearly 20,000 retirees who spent their careers in county government. To ensure solvency of their funds and adequately support our state’s retirees, CERF needed a permanent increase in their funding.

Scott and Kaycee passed this legislation, in just one session, by capitalizing on other legislative initiatives to create a comprehensive public retirement bill. This strategy not only provided funding for CERF, but also for other critical retirement systems such as teachers, police and professors. It passed by a vote of 132 to 11 in the House and 32 to 0 in the Senate.


As important as the passage of legislation is the defense of current client policy. Members of The Penman Group are known to take on challenging policy issues and positions. They know when legislation cannot be salvaged for clients’ gain, and also know when it is in their interest to seek supported compromises on legislative affairs.


Recently, a partner opposed a piece of legislation, and rather than work to block the legislation, Scott and Kaycee leveraged an opportunity to create a strategic coalition for their partner to work with the supporters of the bill. They found solutions supported by all stakeholders  and ultimately passed drastic improvements to our state guardianship system.

In a challenging industry to navigate, Scott is always looking for opportunities to protect the most vulnerable populations
— Diane Noah, Executive Director for HomeCare of Mid-Missouri