The Penman Group’s 25-years of experience provides clients with a comprehensive set of expertise. Not only do our clients benefit from The Penman Group's deep working knowledge of individual issue areas, but, equally important, how these individual issues interact and impact one another on a larger scale. Members of The Penman Group are experts in the following areas, although their policy experience covers an even greater breadth of issues. 

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Boards AND Professional Licensing

Nearly half a million Missouri professionals are impacted each day by the decisions of their state boards and commissions. Charged with safeguarding public health, safety & welfare of our state, it is important that professionals have effective representation.

The Penman Group monitors regulatory activities and maximizes opportunities for increased representation on state boards & commissions.

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Business & Technology

A positive business environment and utilization of emerging technology are essential to moving our state and region forward.

The Penman Group removes barriers to new and emerging business models to promote new technologies and economic growth.


Child Welfare

Child welfare is a multifaceted policy arena, requiring an interdisciplinary approach to effectively support & protect our youth. We know that the key to good policy is how it interacts with our most vulnerable populations. 

The Penman Group prioritizes the well-being & success of children & families as an indicator for positive policy outcomes.

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County government is a cornerstone of Missouri government. Integral to the function & well-being of our state, it is critical that county elected officials have a full-time voice in Jefferson City.

The Penman Group amplifies the role of county government at the state level, and seeks the resources you need to more effectively serve the people of Missouri.

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Education serves one of the most vital functions in our state and requires partners with insight into the direct and indirect factors affecting their work and those they serve.

The Penman Group recognizes education policy requires change both inside & outside of the classroom, excelling in multi-faceted solutions to improved education outcomes.

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Policymakers are increasingly recognizing the need to meet growing energy needs and utilize our natural resources.

The Penman Group promotes the development of new energy technologies, as well as upgrading and securing our existing infrastructure.



Food and agriculture is a key determinant of economic & social outcomes for the state of Missouri. Whether addressing child hunger in rural & urban Missouri, or supporting local agriculture initiatives, The Penman Group recognizes the crucial role food and agriculture play in every aspect of Missouri policy.

The Penman Group achieves outcomes that utilize food & agriculture policy to improve the lives of Missourians.



Healthcare is one of the most important factors impacting Missouri politics and our state. The Penman Group has worked on this issue from nearly every angle - from provider regulation and reimbursement to professional associations and licensing boards. We’ve represented the healthcare professionals, as well as non-profit advocacy groups who are often leading the charge.

The Penman Group offers key experience and insight into a comprehensive healthcare policy network.

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Professional associations represent key constituencies across the state, making it important to represent your profession with a cohesive and strategic message. Legislators rely on the expertise of professional groups in informing policy.

The Penman Group capitalizes on your professional expertise & achieves policy outcomes to improve your client industries.



Missourians depend on public safety provided at every level of our government. From representing Missouri’s leaders in public safety to navigating the role of law enforcement in the child welfare process,

The Penman Group supports and improves the vital role of public safety in policy solutions.

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We represent Missourians far beyond their years as professionals and public servants.

The Penman Group offer 15 years of expertise representing 20,000 Missouri retirees.