Through our affiliation with C2C Association Management Solutions, our client services go beyond government affairs.

C2C can fully manage your association, or just provide some support so you can dedicate your time to the bigger picture.


COnference & Meeting planning

On an annual basis, C2C coordinates more than 20 association conferences in addition to continuing education and seminar events. C2C has developed professional relationships and expertise to execute top-notch conferences. Because conference revenue is essential to an association’s overall financial health, C2C ensures your association hosts well-organized, impactful, and financially successful events.   

Leadership & Committee Development

Volunteers and association members serve a vital role to the direction, governance and operation of many organizations. C2C’s team works with the governance structure to meet objectives set by the board and committees.


Member involvement is critical to the success of any association. Each component of membership--recruitment, retention, and database management-- is equally important and must be constantly maintained.  

Financial Management

You need confidence in your association’s finances. C2C works closely with association treasurers and board members to effectively manage them.

Marketing & Communications

C2C provides a range of services to associations in order to develop an effective brand strategy & ensure a successful public image.

Administrative Operations

C2C ensures the day-to-day tasks of associations are executed professionally and efficiently. With a fully-staffed team and state-of-the-art equipment, C2C provides a full professional office to associations.