Founded on 25 years of proven success in Missouri, with close-working relationships and trusted insight into Missouri policymaking,

Our team has a reputation in Missouri for honest, hard work and the strategic ability to navigate both sides of the aisle.

It is truly a pleasure to work with partners whose expertise is only matched by their passion for the issue.
— Reggi Rideout, Director of Project Strategy, Simply Strategy

Policy Development

Our clients care about how the government impacts Missouri. The Penman Group helps you clearly define the impact you want to achieve, and provides a roadmap on short-term and long-term strategies to achieve it.

Policy Development Strategies

  • Assess how clients could be positively or negatively impacted by changes in state policy

  • Conduct & utilize evidence-based research to inform policy development

  • Consult with key players working on similar issues across the country

  • Craft legislation needed to achieve policy outcomes

  • Monitor & appropriately engage on legislation affecting policy agendas

  • Work closely with leaders of State Departments to inform drafting & implementation of state rules & regulations

  • Provide insight on state political trends influencing large-scale policy & public opinion

Lobby State Elected Officials

Trusted, close-working relationships with state elected officials & staff are key to successful policymaking. The Penman Group has forged positive working relationships with established and incoming policymakers across the state, and across the aisle.

Lobbying Strategies:

  • Promote & defend client issues before legislative committees & through meetings with elected officials

  • Identify and respond to opportunities & barriers affecting lobbying efforts

  • Build clients’ political profile & legislative influence through coalition building, strategic communication & relationship development with policymakers

  • Utilize strategic networks to expand lobbying efforts

Budget & Appropriations

In a state that prioritizes fiscal responsibility, The Penman Group offers a strong working knowledge of the budget process coupled with the expertise & credibility among budget decision-makers necessary for client success.

Budget & Appropriations Strategies:

  • Increase rate reimbursement for providers of state-contracted services

  • Add special projects in department budgets as a mechanism for advancing client agendas

  • Work with State Departments to analyze the fiscal impact of legislative proposals

Coalition Building

A well-functioning coalition can greatly improve your chances for successful outcomes. The Penman Group gets results by capitalizing on longstanding, cooperative relationships with key players in industry & public service.

Coalition Building Strategies:

  • Activate & coordinate strategic networks made up of advocacy groups, professional associations, non-profits & business leaders

  • Foster relationships between clients and key members of the legislative process

  • Identify groups and individuals to engage in advocacy efforts

Government Procurement

Nearly every government agency relies on private industry experts to inform and provide specialized services to the state of Missouri. The Penman Group takes advantage of significant opportunities to further clients’ missions through formal partnerships with government agencies.  

Government Procurement Strategies:

  • Identify lucrative opportunities for clients through government procurement

  • Craft responses to state Requests for Proposals

  • Lobby state agencies on procurement decisions

Strategic Communication & Grassroots Mobilization

Certain legislative outcomes may rely heavily on public engagement. The Penman Group takes advocacy far beyond the halls of Jefferson City with large-scale grassroots & media plans.

Communication Strategies:

  • Provide consulting & oversight to partners on managing legislative affairs within their own organizations

  • Develop messaging for client public relations efforts related to government affairs

  • Coordinate and execute grassroots action campaigns

  • Advise clients on discussing legislative affairs with the media

Political Giving

It is important to support policies and policymakers that protect & further your mission. The Penman Group provides clients with guidance on advantageous political giving as a part of a larger, comprehensive political strategy.

Political Giving Strategies:

  • Identify opportunities to support relevant candidates and initiatives

  • Advise clients on political action committee growth & stability

Education & Training

While we are a client’s full-time advocate, we recognize  that clients and their allies are often their own best representatives. The Penman Group works to empower clients to help them become the most effective advocates possible.

Education & Training Strategies:

  • Group advocacy training at meetings and conferences

  • On-sight coaching and support to clients meeting with policymakers in Jefferson City

  • Witness preparation for clients coming to the Capitol to testify before legislative committees